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Do you have a question on how to open a company in Poland? You don't know how to extend your driving license? Are you wondering how to submit official documents?

Psychologist on duty

There is a psychologist on duty twice a week in our Center.If you have problems with adaptation, have found yourself in a crisis, have experienced rejection or discrimination, you can make an appointment with our specialist.


We encourage you to read the information about the scope of advice provided by a legal advisor as part of the activities of the Center for Foreigners Integration.

EU Talent Pool - Pilot

Are you a person from Ukraine who left your country due to the war and you are under temporary protection? Or maybe a Polish employer looking for employees from Ukraine?

What is Integration?

This word comes from the Latin language - integrare or merge. The integration process spreads over generations, which is why it is so important to start it at the very beginning of education.

Consultation of a career counselor

We encourage you to sign up for advice and consultations with a career advisor. It will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can sign up in person at the CIC office or by phone 77 440 14 98 


Have you heard the latest Opole curiosity? The popular board game - Monopoly has received its Opole edition! You will find there the most popular monuments and attractions of the capital of
the region.

Funding for glasses

Society is becoming more and more computerized. An employee who works in front of a computer may apply to the employer for funding for glasses.