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On 11.02.2023, floristic workshops on the occasion of Valentine's Day were held at the Center for the Integration of Foreigners.


We present to you a short photo report from our adaptation courses - free trainings that help immigrants from non-EU countries to adapt, integrate and live in Poland.

800 pages of sworn translations

In 2022, starting in May, we have prepared 800 pages of sworn translations for you! The interest was very high, thank you for your trust. We are glad that we could help you.

School meetings in numbers

The end of the year is a time of summaries. Therefore, we would like to present you some numbers, because we have finished a series of meetings in schools for Polish and foreign children.


mZUS is a mobile access to information and applying for benefits from ZUS.


Do children like group work? Do they know what integration is? Are they friendly? Yes of course!


We would like to announce that we have no longer any free places for the Polish language course. We are very pleased that this initiative is so popular.

Enrollment completed

Attention, because all groups have already been completed, we have finished registration for the Polish language course in the field of industry medical language!

Polish language course

Attention!!! Individuals who participate or have previously participated in our Polish medical language course project,