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National budget

The project entitled: "Building structures for integration of foreigners in Poland - stage II - piloting integration centers for foreigners" is co-financed by the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the National Budget. The project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and the Regional Center for Social Policy in Poznan.

Total project value: PLN 8,000,000.00 of which PLN 2,483,020.00 for the Voivodeship Labor Office in Opole
Co-financing from the State Budget: PLN 2,000,000.00, of which for the implementation for the Voivodeship Labor Office in Opole is 620,755.00 PLN
FAMI contribution: PLN 6,000,000.00 of which for the implementation for the Voivodeship Labor Office in Opole is 1 862 265,00 PLN

The project aims to provide comprehensive support to foreigners from outside the European Union - especially in terms of providing access to information on, among others, the principles of legalizing their stay and obtaining Polish citizenship; using medical and rehabilitation services; opening bank accounts; forms of employment and business activities; family reunification; obtaining or recognizing documents certifying authorization to drive vehicles; obtaining a Universal Electronic System Personal Identification Number (PESEL); the rules of performing the obligation to register; obtaining social and health insurance. An important support is Polish language learning, both for adults and children. Within the framework of the project there are offered assistant services provided by intercultural advisors, help of a lawyer, support of a psychologist, vocational advisor and certified translations of documents necessary e.g. for legalization of stay.
The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.