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Another series of meetings for school children and teenagers is starting, aimed at helping foreigners adapt. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with foreign culture and to promote diversity, as well as building a platform for mutual understanding and needs, respecting the diversity of cultures, religions and traditions. The topics of the meetings include the realities of life in different countries, elements of culture and customs as well as coexistence in a multicultural society. Classes are adapted to the age and competences of the group. They concern the topics of intercultural integration, tolerance and migration.
In September and October we will visit the Public Primary School in Gogolin, Opole, Kluczbork and Brzeg. The schedule is presented in detail below.
The cycle is carried out for the project entitled "Building structures for the integration of foreigners in Poland - stage II - pilot of the Centers for Foreigners Integration" implemented under the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Program.


 Adaptacja w szkolach


This is a series of free training courses that help migrants from non-EU countries to adapt, integrate and live in Poland. The aim of the courses is to familiarize foreigners with their basic rights and obligations, the system of integration in Poland, as well as services, institutions and other organizations that support foreigners. Within the course we plan to train 120 adults. Topics discussed during the classes also include information about the region, institutions operating in the region, monuments, history, structure of the administration and public transport, as well as location of offices, banks, educational, cultural and entertainment facilities, tourist and economic advantages.

In addition to the classes organized in a stationary form, there are also planned tours within the Opole region to familiarize the region and trips to museums, such as the Opole Village Museum.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us for more information.